Interested in joining the lab?

Please look over this website carefully and become familiar with our research.  If you are interested in working with us, please get in touch with Dr. Sutherland to discuss possible research options.

Postdocs: We are currently looking for a postdoc in biofluids.  See ad here and send any questions along to Kelly.

Graduate students:  I accept both MSc and PhD students who work on a variety of studies relating to zooplankton ecology (especially gelatinous zooplankton) and animal-fluid interactions.  Students frequently use a combination of lab and field studies to address their research questions.  Typically, interested students should apply through the UO Biology Department.  I also welcome collaborations with Environmental Studies graduate students.

Funding for graduate students comes from a combination research grants, graduate teaching fellowships and graduate student fellowships.  Check out the UO Graduate School or Pathways to Science for potential fellowships.

Undergraduate students:  I frequently have projects that students can take part in.  I know that many of you don't yet have a background in research but a general interest in the work we do in the lab, a sense of curiosity, an open mind and the willingness to work hard are the only prerequisites to work in the lab.  Undergraduates work in the lab (in Eugene or potentially at OIMB) during the academic year with Dr. Sutherland and graduate students.  Students that are motivated and have gained experience working in the lab for several terms  are often invited to participate in field work during the summer.  The best way to start a dialogue with me is to come by my office hours.  Also check out the SMART program for undergraduate research in Biology.