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Corkscrewing Salps

 Using 3D optical tools operated by divers we observed salp colonies corkscrewing through the ocean. Our Science Advances paper was highlighted in a Science Friday interview and in Around the O.

Appendicularians Are Tiny Peristaltic Pumps

Research led by Terra Hiebert revealed that the appendicularian tail behaves like a peristaltic pump.  Our findings are featured at KGW and Around the O.

Seeing Jellies in a New Light

 UO science journalism student, Carmen Sanchez-Reddick, found inspiration at sea in the northern California current in July 2022 and created immersive photos and audio of the science. The full story was published here in the Newport News and Times.  Carmen was co-mentored by Mark Blaine.

Coordinated Swimming by Siphonophores

Kevin Du Clos led this PNAS paper on coordinated swimming by the siphonophore, Nanomia bijuga (Picture shows Physophora hydrostatica).  Our findings are featured at University of Cambridge, New Scientist, Think out loud” on OPB, and Around the O.

Mysterious Plankton

What would the trailer look like for a documentary featuring plankton?  UO Journalism student, Jake Bevis, followed us while at sea off the Oregon coast and produced this teaser.

Advantages of Multi-Jet Swimming

Our paper on jet-propelled swiming by salp chains was featured on the August cover of the Royal Society Interface.  The work was covered in the New York Times, WIRED and Around the O, as well as in other media outlets.

Mammoth Grazers

Mucus mesh grazers are pickier than we thought.  We wrote about it in this review and in The Conversation.  The wonderful illustrations are by artist Caitlyn Webster.

Jessie watching Kelly pick.jpg
Pacific Plankton Cruise

The MEZCAL (MEsoZooplankton in the CALifornia current) summer 2018 research cruise on the RV Sally Ride was both invigorating and demanding for everyone on the ship.  Read more from Isabella Garcia, summer journalism intern.

Are Jellyfish Picky Eaters?

Exhibit at the Charleston Marine Life Center featuring research by Samantha Zeman and Keats Conley.

'Fire Bodies': Pyrosome Bloom in the Pacific

Members of the lab are studying the droves of pyrosomes off the northwest coast.  Hilarie Sorensen described the bloom during a NOAA cruise blog and the story has been featured on NPR, National Geographic, Around the O and numerous other media outlets.

Latticework and Slime

Keats Conley created this video about appendicularians for a session titled "Artisitc Pathways to Scientific Understanding" at the 2015 CERF meeting.  The content is also on exhibit at UO's Charleston Marine Life Museum in Charleston, OR.

Jellies of Oregon Pocket Field Guide

Beachgoers and fishers can now identify common jellies along our coast using a Sea Grant-funded pocket field guide.  Illustrations are by Clare Hansen with input from Samantha Zeman.

Science and the Liberal Arts

Prof. Sutherland's Clark Honors College commencement address.

Inspiration from Multi-jet Organisms

Kelly Sutherland describes research on coordinated swimming by the siphonophore Nanomia bijuga.  This content was also displayed in the "Our Ocean" exhibit at the Oregon Museum of Science and Industry in Portland, OR. 

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