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Mission Statement

We study form and function in marine zooplankton as it relates to the flow of material through food webs and hydrodynamic flow in locomotion & feeding.  We are motivated by our curiosity and a sense of discovery and we meet the animals in their habitat— by boat or by SCUBA.  We are all responsible for maintaining a safe, healthy and fun work environment and we believe that the process of inquiry-driven research should be accessible to everyone (and we mean everyone!). Each lab member at their own career stage takes pride in teaching and mentoring those at earlier stages.  In both our research and our personal lives, challenges are supported, and successes are celebrated.  We strive to extend the impact of our research by participating in outreach opportunities and engaging with people from diverse backgrounds and knowledge levels.


This is a living document, first drafted April 2023.

Participants: Kelly Sutherland, Alejandro Damian-Serrano, Jessie Masterman, Farzana Yesmin, Kai Walton

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